Compute Canada Westgrid newsletter features research from CREATE-AAP mentor Phil Austin's group

Research led by Phil Austin (CREATE-AAP mentor) and his student Vlad Popa (CREATE-AAP student) was awarded 2014 Compute Canada Resource Allocation of 112 core years to conduct research on Westgrid consortium supercomputers.

In recognition of the quality of the science outlined in the proposal, the research was featured in the February edition of the Compute Canada Westgrid newsletter.


Seminar talk by Dr. Thomas Koop

Date: Friday, May 9th, 2014 

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

Location: UBC Chemistry D317

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Koop, Bielefeld University, Germany (Atmospheric and Physical Chemistry)

Title: Competition between water uptake and ice nucleation in glassy aerosol particles

Abstract: The phase state of condensed matter is of fundamental importance in various environmental systems, for example for heterogeneous chemical reactions and cloud formation processes in atmospheric aerosols. In this presentation both thermodynamic as well as kinetic aspects of different types of liquid-to-solid phase transitions will be reviewed, including ice crystal formation via homogeneous or heterogeneous nucleation processes. Moreover, the formation and properties of amorphous semi-solid and glassy states in organic aerosol particles and their dependence upon water content will be discussed. Such glass formation may delay or inhibit homogeneous ice nucleation owing to reduced diffusivities within the glassy state, but may also trigger heterogeneous ice nucleation at the surface of glassy particles, revealing a Janus-like behavior of glass-forming aerosol particles.


Seminar talk by Dr. Thomas Koop

CREATE-AAP will host a seminar talk by atmospheric chemist Dr. Thomas Koop from Bielefeld University, Germany on May 9th (Friday), 11:30am-12:30pm

Further details TBA.


Internship Information Session

There was a good discussion on potential internship locations and projects, and how to choose and plan your own. We were joined by current CREATE-AAP student Annie Seagram who shared useful tips and stories about her experience at Environment Canada.

We highly recommend all students to make use of our mentor/student connections and take part in external internships as well as internal internships. 

Remember to refer to the website for how to arrange your internship and the forms required.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us



CREATE-AAP student Ramin Dastanpour wins Robert Caton scholarship award

Congratulations also to Ramin Dastanpour in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for winning the Robert Caton scholarship, a BC Air Quality Award. Ramin was recognized for his efforts in soot particle measuring and monitoring techniques.