CREATE-AAP 2016 Symposium Slides
Friday, February 12, 2016 at 4:00PM

Slides from our 6 speakers:

Why would a natural gas engine need a particulate filter? - Dr. Gordon McTaggart-Cowan

Development of a standard for the measurement of nonvolatile PM mass and number concentration for use in aircraft engine certification - Dr. Gregory J. Smallwood

Improving PM predictions through closer integration of observations and models - Prof. Gregory R. Carmichael 

Biologic Aerosols - some occupational and environmental sources - Prof. Karen Bartlett

A Microfluidic Aerosol Monitor - Prof. Boris Stoeber

Sources and distributions of sea salt aerosol from the Tropics to the Poles - Prof. Lyatt Jaeglé 

Thank you speakers, organizers and all who attended!


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